Ronnie Jackson Mercedes, Down Town Houston
Independent Mercedes Benz Dealer

Re-Conditioning Services
Car Restoration - Interior

The following areas are checked and are restored to their original operating condition should they not be
driver's & passenger seat springs checked to ensure that they are firm and do not sink to the floor, leather
upholstery checked for wear & tear then all cracks & tears are refurbished, leather arm rests are replaced, if seats
have faded then seats are dyed to original condition, original floor mats are replaced with new mercedes-benz
mats,  electric switches are restored to standard operating functions,  dash lights, switches & a/c-heater controls,
interior roof & door lights, radio & speakers are restored to original operational condition, electric windows & sun
roof (both positions) checked for smooth operation, door, trunk & gas locks checked and repaired if necessary,
sun visors checked for mechanical &
electrical operation.
Auto Reconditioning - Exterior

First task is a call to the "Dent Doctor" who has all door dings removed, the vehicle is then sent to the body shop
to have the bumpers & rims painted with a base coat & clear coat finish to return them to their original condition.
(Note - harsh chemicals during cleaning dulls the rims, avoid the chemicals and use a mild dish detergent), in
certain cases the car gets a complete paint job, headlight bezels are faded by sunlight and are replaced, chrome
that is bent is replaced on the grille as is the windshield if it has any rock chips. Finally, the car is buffed and
detailed before receiving a new inspection sticker & license plate sticker.
The Evolution Of The
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